The CCA.SG Community Site provides free hosting services for CCA Groups from Singapore’s Institutions, ie. Schools, Colleges, Polytechnics & Universities. It is the only online community hub in Singapore to showcase & collaborate with other CCA Groups from different Institutions.

Good first impression is paramount in attracting people to join or support your organisation. This can be achieved by having a good website, as it boosts your credibility as a legitimate organisation and allows you to showcase your achievements and past activities.

Your website can also help interested parties understand your organisation better by providing answers to common questions and inquiries.

Lastly, a website is a home for your online presence. Social media is merely a marketing tool, which should be used to drive traffic back to your website.

So what are you waiting for? Join CCA.SG Community Site now!

No. The founder is committed and devoted to providing an ad-free CCA Groups hosting service in CCA.SG Community Site. The CCA.SG Community Site is here to stay for a long time. Making profits will never be an end goal for the founder—currently, the CCA.SG Community Site is financed by the founder’s personal savings. The founder strongly believes in education where students grow with confidence through experiential learning in a secure and safe environment.

Aside from having an online presence in CCA.SG Community Site, your “CPF” is well protected;

  • Continuity – The CCA.SG Community Site is here to stay for a long time.
  • Privacy – No ad placements to introduce on CCA Groups hosted in the CCA.SG Community Site to protect our users’ privacy.
  • Freedom – The hosting service provided to Singapore’s Public Institutions is currently free and will stay free forever.

All CCA Groups hosted in CCA.SG Community Site have a unique primary domain, i.e. cca.sg, which means Singapore’s Co-curricular Activity.

To ensure that Singapore continues receiving international recognition on holistic education in a safe and conducive environment for future generations. Future strategy for CCA.SG Community Site is not merely providing hosting service, but more services to add for better collaboration among different stakeholders.

Grab this unprecedented opportunity and Join this big community now! You have nothing to lose.

The founder of CCA.SG Community Sites is based in Singapore and had years of experience in student development works

The CCA.SG Community Site provides free hosting services for CCA Groups from Singapore Institutions. Therefore, registration is permitted for email domain ends with “edu.sg” and other email domains are automatically rejected from signing up. Whitelisting is needed to prevent spam signups from certain email domains.

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